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About us

ISTORIALI is the social enterprise founded by NGO Georgian Arts and Culture Center in 2000.

Its social mission is to popularize Georgian cultural heritage, contribute to the preservation of the crafts traditions and transmission to new generations, support economical sustainability of the crafts sector, increase income for artists including those of socially vulnerable groups. ISTORIALI collection is produced locally by more than 20 Georgian artisans. The profit of the enterprise is fully dedicated to its mission and contributes to the improvement of the welfare of crafts community, safeguarding and development of heritage crafts traditions, International awareness of Georgian culture.

All items in our collection are castes and had finished by local artisans. The bowls and goblets are forged totally by hand.

If you are interested in prices please send the list of items you are interested in by e-mail or contact us by the phone.

Thank you for your interest in Georgian culture and our production!


Excavation site, Vani, Georgia

Projects and Initiatives

2023 - Sociel Enterprise Istoriali, gained the support of fund Actio! In the frames of the approved project sociel enterprise will renovate its working space, create new collections and working places, develop and implement re-skilling and up-skilling trainings, etc. Sociel enterprise Istoriali expresses its gratitude to European Union in Georgia, all investors of fund Actio, and especially founder of Actio - CSRDG and fund Actio for this opportunity


Istoriali Showroom




Art-group Isotirali